Student Organizations

Contribute to the rhythms of campus life.

Our campus organizations speak to and reflect commitments valued by members of our community, each an opportunity to engage with your peers and colleagues outside of the classroom, contribute to ongoing conversations, and join in a collective venture.

737 | Music
ACT:s | Social Justice
CU Student Activities
CU Student Government
CU Land Project
Double Helix Club | Genetics

Kappa Theta Gamma | Theatre
Emergency Response Team
English Society
Historical Society

Multicultural Organization
Mu Kappa | Missionary Kids
Pre-Med Group
Ritmos | Hispanic Students
Students for Life
The Gathering | African-American Students

Hear from Our Staff

As a student-focused learning community, we value your voice, participation, experiences, questions, and perspective in our shared campus life. Supporting your commitments to thrive as an undergraduate student and follower of Christ, student-led campus organizations offer additional contexts in which to integrate your faith. Explore opportunities to engage with learning both inside and outside the classroom as a student here at Cornerstone University.