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Q: What are the employment rates for Cornerstone University graduates?

A: Following are the results of our recent surveys regarding the employment of Cornerstone alumni within 6 months of graduation:

  • 2012 Graduates: 91% obtained employment within 6 months of graduation
  • 31% obtained full time employment related to their major
  • 17.2% obtained full time employment unrelated to their major
  • 17.2% obtained part time employment related to their major
  • 31% obtained part time employment unrelated to their major.
  • 6.9% Continuing education full time

Q: When should my student begin using the resources at Career Services?

A: Students are welcome to our office from the first day they are on campus. However, most students use the first semester to settle into college life. We encourage students to visit us during the spring semester or first thing fall semester of their second year.

Q: What issues should my student be addressing during the first two years at college?

A: In their first two years, students should:

  • Complete an assessment of their skills, interests, values, gifts and talents.
  • Research the opportunities in various career fields.
  • Consider the implications of their academic choices.
  • Decide on or confirm their career and the major needed to prepare for that career.

Q: How will Career Services help with these issues?

A: We provide:

  • Career counseling, advising and extensive career resources
  • Advice regarding job searching strategies
  • An up-to-date listing of part-time and seasonal job opportunities
  • Assistance with obtaining and completing internships

Q: How will Career Services encourage my student to visit the Career Services Office early in his or her stay at Cornerstone?

A: We promote our services through:

  • Advertisements in the campus newspaper and on posters, handouts and the online student cube
  • Presenting in several classes each semester
  • Conducting information sessions in the residence halls
  • Participating in the orientation days on campus
  • Holding workshops for students

Q: What should seniors do to enhance their chances of finding good jobs?

A: We suggest that seniors:

  • Meet with us to discuss their career interests and develop a job search strategy.
  • Obtain a calendar of job fairs available to Cornerstone students.
  • View current job listings on our Web site or in our office.
  • Contact people that may be able to provide them with job leads or contacts in organizations and businesses.

Q: What should my student be doing if he or she is interested in graduate studies?

A: Students interested in graduate school should:

  • Meet with their advisor or faculty in their discipline to discuss their interest.
  • Review resources in our Resource Center.
  • Visit our Web page about graduate schools.
  • Contact schools for literature about their graduate programs. Visit schools of greatest interest and talk to department heads and faculty in the pertinent field.
  • Confer with us regarding how best to plan for graduate school.

Q: How can parents help Career Services?

A: Parents interested in helping us can:

  • Share job or internship leads at their employers with us.
  • Encourage their employers to participate in Cornerstone's efforts to find opportunities for our students.
  • Encourage their students to use our resources for job and internship searches.
For more information, please visit the Career & Life Calling page.