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Celebration of Scholarship 2023 Review

Academics May 1, 2023

Cornerstone’s annual Celebration of Scholarship day recognizes all of the hard work our students put in throughout the year. As a major milestone at the end of the academic year, daytime classes are suspended to allow all Golden Eagles the opportunity to present research findings, give musical performances, display their artwork and host panel discussions with their peers as well as members of the faculty and staff.

“Celebration of Scholarship is a day to celebrate the students and the work they are doing with their minds, to glorify God,” said Dr. Michael Stevens, Professor of English and Co-Director of the Creativity and Innovation Honors Institute.

The excitement level was high on Thursday, April 27th as students, mentors, parents, grandparents, faculty, staff and administrators spread out all over campus to engage with over 100 presentations, including:

  • 50 Poster Presentations
  • 28 Oral Presentations
  • 12 Art Presentations
  • 10 Musical Performances

Each student did an exceptional job, congratulations to all! A few featured awards are noted below:

  • Rebekah Alvaro & Angelina VanderBeek, Social Sciences
    • The Relationship Between Personal Devotions and Social Anxiety
  • Jozlyn VanTol, Science & Kinesiology
    • Acute Effects of Blood Flow Restriction on the Cardiovascular System during Low Intensity Exercise
  • Garrett Langton, Interdisciplinary
    • Do Brain Games Make Us Smarter?
  • Rediet Teklemariam, Business
    • Market Power and Intel: Competition’s Role in Reducing Single Firm Market Share
  • Samuel Powell, Humanities
    • At Home in Creation: A Theological and Literary Look at Faithful Living on Earth
  • Sara Weber, Jenna Fuhs, Cameron Sweers & Parker Szlanfucht, Computer Science, Engineering & Mathematics
    • Swoboda Inc. Line Improvements
  • Genesis James, Morgan Martin & Nathan Andree, Teacher Education
    • Discovering the World of Specific Learning Disabilities through a Christian Worldview
  • Delaney Berens, Communications, Music & Media
    • Feria: An Adoption Documentary

Days like Celebration of Scholarship are an excellent forum for undergraduate students to collaborate with faculty, focus on their area of academic interest, and prepare for graduate school and industry settings. Fantastic work to all students who took part in Celebration of Scholarship day! We look forward to seeing what exceptional work is presented next year!


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