China possesses a richly diverse history ranging between the isolation of Communism to the free trade they embrace today. During this trip, participants learn about China’s history as a past and present global leader.

Students will learn about obstacles and opportunities for organizations in China and the impact of economic globalization. They will participate in presentations, discussions and tours with business owners (western and Asian) in the following fields: banking, human resources, information technologies, factory start-ups, and manufacturing.


$4,000 covers transportation, lodging and cultural excursions with the group. The cost of this trip is not included in BUS-511 course tuition.
Note: Trip costs and itinerary are subject to change at the discretion of PGS.

Scheduled Dates

October 24 - November 2, 2014 - Register by April 24, 2014
October 23 - November 1, 2015 - Register by April 23, 2015

Students planning to participate in the China Trip should apply for their passports at least six months prior to their departure date and refer to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Travelers’ Health Web page for immunization information.

Sample Itinerary

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