Red Window: The Resurrection of Christ

Located on the east wall of Cornerstone University's Christ Chapel, the red stained glass window depicts Jesus coming out of the tomb and meeting Mary Magdalene. The dramatic red colors remind us of the life-giving sacrifice of His shed blood.

Crafted by Peter Brandes, a Danish artist, the window's red hues of color were created by adding small amounts of gold to the glass.

Signs of the Apostles

The small panes at the top and bottom corners of the red stained glass window depict signs of the Apostles.

  • John is depicted with his eyes clothed in sorrow at the cross (top); the traditional symbol for John is an eagle due to the "loftiness" of his gospel and his elevation of Christ as the eternal Word of God.
  • James, the son of Zebedee, is depicted by a shell (bottom left) because he was by the sea when he was called to follow Christ.
  • Andrew was martyred on an X-shaped cross (bottom right).

Installation Photos