Tri-Color Window: Old Testament Accounts of Pain and Blessing

Located on the south wall of Cornerstone University's Christ Chapel, the tri-color stained glass window utilizes complementary colors to showcase three stories from the Old Testament depicting blessing that emerges from pain and how God interacts with mankind for a redemptive purpose.

The top pane reminds us that Cain killed Abell; yet, he received the mark of God to protect him. The middle pane shows how Abraham led Isaac to be sacrificed; yet, God provided a substitute. In the bottom pane, we see Jacob wrestling with the Angel; although Jacob walked with a limp the rest of his life, he received the blessing of God.

Signs of the Apostles

The small panes at the top and bottom corners of the tri-color stained glass window depict signs of the Apostles.

  • Judas betrays Christ with a kiss (top).
  • A Latin cross (bottom left) symbolizes the ministry of Philip, and the snake represents the belief that Philip healed a man dying of a snake bite.
  • Church tradition says that James the Lesser prayed until his knees were swollen (bottom right).

Installation Photos