Tricolor Window: Old Testament Accounts of Pain and Blessing

Located on the south wall of Cornerstone University's Christ Chapel, the tricolor stained glass window utilizes complementary colors to showcase three stories from the Old Testament depicting blessing that emerges from pain and how God interacts with mankind for a redemptive purpose.

The top pane reminds us that Cain killed Abell; yet, he received the mark of God to protect him. The middle pane shows how Abraham led Isaac to be sacrificed; yet, God provided a substitute. In the bottom pane, we see Jacob wrestling with the Angel; although Jacob walked with a limp the rest of his life, he received the blessing of God.

Signs of the Apostles

The small panes at the top and bottom corners of the tricolor stained glass window depict signs of the Apostles.

  • Judas betrays Christ with a kiss (top).
  • A Latin cross (bottom left) symbolizes the ministry of Philip, and the snake represents the belief that Philip healed a man dying of a snake bite.
  • Church tradition says that James the Lesser prayed until his knees were swollen (bottom right).

Installation Photos