Communication Studies

Communications Studies

You probably know how important effective communication skills are in your life.  What you may not know is how critical they are to your future career success.

When you study Communication at Cornerstone, you develop relational and critical thinking skills that give you a competitive edge as you prepare for communication-related occupations and ministries.  You’ll focus on building relationships and communities in a way that honors Christ and serves others. 

In this program, you will:

  • strengthen core communication skills in interpersonal, intercultural, and group communication and public speaking
  • learn how to competently construct and professionally present messages to audiences in various settings:  business meetings, small groups, interpersonal, and external publics
  • develop practical and analytical skills for team and community building 
  • examine communication strategically through public relations, marketing communication, advertising, persuasion, and communication campaigns
  • specialize in broadcast announcing, reporting and radio production

What can I do with this major?

As a graduate of this program, you might find work as a:

  • non-profit communications director
  • personnel recruiter/manager 
  • director of training and development or human resources
  • communication consultant
  • director of university admissions, alumni relations, student affairs
  • church staff member
  • sales representative
  • public relations coordinator
  • media relations specialist
  • on-air announcer/reporter

What are some interesting classes offered in this major?

  • Interpersonal Communications studies the ways in which we, as humans, interact.  How are relationships formed and maintained?  How do we communicate to one another?
  • Rhetorical theory looks at the structures that undergird communication.

What internships or partnerships are available with this program?

Study abroad during a Jterm Ireland trip

Communications & Media