Contemporary Math

Course Description

An introductory math course designed to develop skills that have practical usage in a business setting and daily life experience. The course reviews basic mathematical concepts, develops skills with algebraic expressions and expands to several topical applications including number properties, equations and inequalities, percentages, finance, interest, geometric figures, probabilities, graphs, and statistics.
Credits: 3    Weeks: 7


  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Geometry Mathlab
  • Finances
  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • Christian Worldview


  • Contemporary mathematics in business today is accomplished with the aid of technology. Employers today expect that employees can use the technology available along with their understanding of mathematics to solve numerically-based problems. Thus an important goal in this course is for you to learn to use calculators properly as tools to assist you in solving the mathematical problems that will be assigned. The TI 34 MultiView™ is recommended for this course. It is available at major department stores and office supply stores for about $20. If you have access to a graphing calculator, you can use it instead of the TI 34 Multiview. Two other models of calculators, the TI-30X IIS and TI-30X IIB are nearly identical to the recommended calculator and are acceptable substitutes.
  • The Web site has a guidebook for the recommended calculator that can be downloaded and printed. It gives the specific keystrokes for using the calculator to solve many different types of problems. From the homepage, choose Products, then Scientific Calculators. Choose the specific model. Click Downloads in the left margin and then select Guide Books.