Cornerstone Journalism Institute

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The CJI Mission:

The Cornerstone Journalism Institute provides students with an introduction to the world of print and visual journalism during a one-week residential institute. The instruction, which occurs on the campus of a Christ-centered university, aims to give students an idea of what it would be like to be a professional media reporter or photographer. We want to show students how they can use their writing and visual communication gifts in media and ministry vocations. CU professors and professional reporters, editors, and photographers from Indiana and Michigan serve as guest instructors during the institute.

Testimonial quotes from students who attended previous CJI camps:

  • “I really enjoyed the session. I liked it so much. I learned more here at one time than what I did in a high school year. It was great.”
  • “It was cool. Thanks for your servanthood. I would like to help next year.”
  • “Thank you for the great job you did in directing and assisting us with everything.”
  • “I loved it. Thank you!”

CJI Provides Hands-on experience:

  • Interviewing people
  • Nonfiction story telling skills taught
  • Sports, news, entertainment, opinion writing
  • Digital photography, videography
  • Creative writing, poetry

Other interesting activities you'll experience during this week:

  • Live in a college dormitory
  • Eat in the college dining hall
  • The use of your own Dell laptop computer
  • Organized recreational activities on campus
  • Possibility of attending movie at I-MAX theatre
  • Talk with newspaper reporters, editors, photographers
  • Interact with newsmakers who speak at CJI

Important Info:

  • CJI is for students who will have completed 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade by/before July 1.
  • Non-traditional students of university age or older may inquire about our non-traditional track of the Cornerstone Journalism Institute; email: alan.blanchard
  • This residential camp is held the last full week of July each summer, starting on a Sunday afternoon and ending by noon the following Friday.
  • Male and female students will be housed separate from one another
  • Chaperones, 1 for every 12 students, will accompany students at all times
  • Each student will have at least one of his or her stories published in paper
  • Each student receives at least 25 copies of the CJI newspaper
  • See application for cost to attend CJI
  • Fee includes all meals, lodging, activities and study materials
  • Enrollment limited to 36 students

Fees: *

High School Student Fee List

$374.00 = if paid in full by/before Jan. 30

$399.00 = if paid in full by Feb. 28

$424.00 = if paid in full by March 30

$449.00 = if paid in full by April 30

$474.00 = if paid in full by May 30

$499.00 = if paid in full by June 30

$524.00 = if paid in full by July 1 or later

*$160.00 = additional optional fee required for 1 hour of university credit available for successfully completing CJI


1. Please submit full payment with your application for admission to CJI. This fee will be deducted from your institute fee.

2. Non-traditional students, university age or older, please email for separate application and fee structure to:

Sign up for CJI today!

Instructions for high school student CJI application are described on the CJI Application Requirements page.

To complete the application, fill out the CJI registration form.

Send check, money order, or credit card information to:

Alan Blanchard
CJI Executive Director
Cornerstone University
1001 E. Beltline NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Please make checks or money orders out to CJI or Cornerstone Journalism Institute. 

For more information, call 616.222.1504 or email