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Cornerstone University Appoints New Director of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs

News Nov. 14, 2017

Cornerstone University is pleased to announce the recent appointment of Kenneth Russell, director of diversity and multicultural affairs. His role also includes growing the cross-cultural and multicultural competency of Cornerstone.

Growing up in Grand Rapids, Mich., Russell started his undergraduate education at Grand Rapids Community College before completing his bachelor’s degree in Christian ministries at Indiana Wesleyan University. In 2017, Russell graduated summa cum laude from Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky, completing the Master of Divinity program.

As an emerging leader and licensed pastor, Russell served several local churches including Tribes Church in Rockford, Mich., and The Edge Urban Fellowship in Grand Rapids, Mich, prior to joining the Cornerstone staff.

Russell’s new position at Cornerstone specifically promotes cultural diversity. It consists of working with students, faculty, staff and others to equip them with the knowledge to think theologically about race and diversity.

“I am excited about my new role because it is a perfect blend of my passions, gifts and calling,” Russell exclaimed. “I am able to fully embody my calling as a pastor-theologian—one who thinks deeply and theologically and leads with the heart of a pastor.”

To achieve Cornerstone’s mission to empower influencers in our world for Christ, diversity plays a fundamental role.

“It is essential for Cornerstone to have students, faculty and staff from various places or different cultural backgrounds to not only reflect the diversity of the kingdom but to also properly prepare students to be influencers in a diverse and changing world,” Russell said.

In conclusion, Russell noted that “part of our ability to influence others will be determined by our capacity to understand people of different backgrounds.”

By cultivating this knowledge through his new position, Russell looks forward to fostering a Christ-centered community that reflects, promotes and supports cultural diversity.

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