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CU Board of Trustees Extend Stowell's Presidency

News April 23, 2018

On Friday afternoon, Dr. Joe Stowell and Carole Bos, chairperson of the board of trustees of Cornerstone University, addressed CU students, faculty and staff regarding Dr. Stowell’s timeline for his presidency at Cornerstone. Together, they announced that Dr. Stowell will be extending his service to CU as its 11th president beyond what was originally planned last fall.

Announcement from Carole Bos

As most of you know, last fall the board accepted Dr. Stowell’s resignation as president and appointed him to serve as chancellor of CU beginning May 2019. In fact, we were scheduled to begin the process of searching for Cornerstone’s next president this coming July.

However, since last fall’s announcement, both the board of trustees and Dr. Stowell have continued to sense that the shifting landscape of Christian higher education is becoming increasingly challenging. At the same time, it is evident that significant opportunities are providing an unprecedented potential for Cornerstone’s future. In light of these challenges and opportunities, the board feels that our ongoing success as a university is best served by Dr. Stowell’s ongoing leadership.

Given the challenges and opportunities that lay before us, maintaining the continuity of his service provides CU its best chance of maximizing our mission to equip and empower students to distinguish themselves personally and vocationally as influencers in their cultures for Christ.

In addition, the extension of his presidency will enable us to:

  • Continue the effective development and implementation of our long-term strategic plan without interruption;
  • Continue the expansion of our major donor base which in turn will enhance our long-term financial success;
  • Accelerate our ongoing emergence as a desirable destination for strong academics and holistic student development in West Michigan and beyond;
  • And continue Dr. Stowell’s important role in the recruitment of new students as he champions new initiatives such as nursing, engineering, CIHI, the Ron Blue Institute and Pathway.

During our board meeting this week, the board has prayerfully discussed these matters. We have measured the disruption in continuity that a presidential transition inevitably brings, compared to the advantages of Dr. Stowell’s continuation of service. The conclusion of these discussions resulted in a unanimous and enthusiastic vote to invite our president to continue his service at least through May 2020.

I am delighted to report that he has said yes!

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