GRTS Alumni Stories

John Lillis (M.Div. & M.R.E. '80)

In the summer of 1976, my wife, 2 year-old son, and I moved...
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Jane Schmitz (M.R.E. '01)

After ministering for 10 years in Togo as a missionary...
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Wallace Alcorn (M.Div. '59)

I almost didn't come to GRTS...
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Andy Castillo (B.A. '01; M.Div. '05)

Who would have thought that a college like CU or a seminary like GRTS...
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Colleen Smith (M.R.E. '94)

Sometimes the biggest impact can be made by those who are working behind the scenes...
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Brian Jackson (M.R.E. '85)

“I like to say that I have been given the gift to ask"...
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