Traditional Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor's Degrees

Ancient Studies
Audio Production
Bible Tracks
     - Biblical Language
     - Intercultural Studies
     - Ministry
     - Philosophy
Biology - Secondary Education
Business Administration
Child and Adolescent Services (New!)
Communication - Secondary Education
Communication Studies
     - Broadcast Communication
     - Strategic Communication
Community Health (New!)
Comprehensive Major - Elementary Education
Computer Information Systems (New!)
Counseling (New!)
Creative Writing
Creativity and Innovation* (New!)
Digital Media
Economics (New!)
Elementary Education: Triple Minor Combination
     - Integrated Science, Math, Planned Program
     - Integrated Science, Reading, Planned Program
     - Math, Reading, Planned Program
     - Math, Language Arts, Planned Program
     - Reading, Language Arts, Planned Program
     - Integrated Science, Language Arts, Planned Program
English - Secondary Education
Environmental Biology
Exercise Science
     - Cardiac Rehabilitation (New!)
     - Pre-Occupational Therapy (New!)
     - Pre-Physical Therapy (New!)
Film & Video Production
General Studies
Graphic Design*
Health Communication (New!)
Health Sciences
     - Pre-Dental
     - Pre-Medical
     - Pre-Pharmacy
     - Pre-Veterinary
History - Secondary Education
Integrated Comprehensive Science - Secondary Education
Integrated Science - Elementary Education

Integrated Science - Secondary Education 

*Minor only