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CU Hosts Life Success Camp for Chinese Students

Nineteen high school students from across China arrived on CU’s campus July 13 to participate in an 18-day Life Success Camp where they will experience academic lessons as well as experience culture in Grand Rapids, Chicago and Mackinac Island.

The program, the first of its kind at CU, is academically rigorous, innovative and hands-on.

"It's academic, but also cultural as the students get to stay in host family homes one weekend and experience parts of American culture," said Dr. Tim Detwiler, dean of institutional effectiveness at Cornerstone and director of the camp.   

Students participating in the camp are provided a Chinese-English language learning experience, an educational case study context for topics such as globalization, diversity, technology and ethics.

Weekdays, students will learn from CU professors on campus about real life ethical challenges, diversity, religion and culture. A forum will take place to discuss these challenges and address them with personal and work-related dignity.

Each day CU professors will host a lecture and discussion on a variety of topics, including: creativity and problem solving, international business, cultural intelligence, film and culture and English as a second language. The sessions will be geared towards helping students navigate the modern workplace as well as their personal lives with a sense of community, integrity, appreciation for other cultures and technological proficiency.

Students will stay in dorms on campus during the week, but will have activities each evening to get to know the area. Plans include visiting the Grand Rapids Farmer’s Market, attending a Whitecaps game, shopping in the local malls and visiting Lake Michigan.

"Field trips to Chicago, Mackinac Island and local host homes will reinforce lessons from the classroom and provide outstanding opportunities to build relationships," said Dr. Joe Stowell, president of Cornestone University.

China Students with Professor