Cornerstone University News

CU to Launch New Web Site

Cornerstone University will launch a new Web site on Sept. 4 that will provide easy access to important information, improve functionality and more accurately represent Cornerstone.

“The new Web site promises to be both compelling and conveniently navigable for the user,” said Bob Sack, executive director of marketing and communications at Cornerstone. “Our goal is to provide the reader with the most important information in the most easy-to-find manner.”

Work on the design and content of the new site began last fall.

"We spent months -- in collaboration with [the Web site development and design company] Mindscape -- doing research, gathering information, writing content, and developing site navigation in order to provide a Web site that meets the needs of all types of site users," said Jaclyn Visbeen, Web content coordinator for Cornerstone University.

The new site’s design includes updated photos and videos to match the new admissions campaign developed by the West Michigan based brand-consulting firm Hanon-McKendry, parent company of Mindscape. The undergraduate campaign will be revealed simultaneously with the new site.

"After almost a year's worth of work, I couldn't be more pleased with the end result,” said Visbeen. “The team at Mindscape has gone above and beyond -- they've delivered a site that not only gets the job done, but looks great doing it."

Check back on Sept. 4 for a look at the new site. Explore and discover more about CU.