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Teacher Ed Program Endorsement

The state of Michigan recently approved Cornerstone University’s program to prepare teachers for early childhood general and special education (ZS).

Division Chair and Associate Professor of Education at Cornerstone University, Kerisa Myers, believes this endorsement will help students become well -rounded educators.

“Classrooms today are becoming more diverse and inclusive,” she said. “A general education teacher may have students in their class in various special education categories.”

Thanks to the new endorsement, students studying early childhood education will now be able to graduate with a bachelor of arts in elementary education and a minor with the ZS endorsement for general and special education.

“If they teach in a lower elementary classroom, they will have a broader knowledge for the special education students in their course,” said Myers.

The new endorsement qualifies students to teach in both general education and special education early childhood classrooms.

“It makes them more marketable,” said Myers.

Myers originally began working towards the endorsement in 2008. In order to successfully receive the endorsement, CU had to redesign its early childhood minor. The original minor changed from 21 credits to 26 credits to meet the state requirements.

“I knew it would require additional work on our part to meet the new special education standards, but it would definitely be worth it in the long run for our students,” she said.

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