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“Shalom” – CU Spring Chapel Line-Up

Cornerstone University is challenging its students to live out their faith through the theme of “Shalom” in chapel this spring.

Speakers Noel Castellanos, executive director of the Christian Community Development Association; Michelle Loyd-Paige, dean of multi-cultural affairs at Calvin College; and Christopher Yuan, author and national speaker about homosexuality will be part of the line-up.

Other speakers include Joel Hamernick of Sunshine Gospel Ministries, Robbie Castleman, Neal Plantinga, Lina AbuJamra and various faculty and staff.

Based on a definition from Nicholas Wolterstorff, Gerald Longjohn, vice president of student development, explained shalom as “finding the light in rightly ordered relationships.”

“It’s not a circumstantial peace,” he said. “It’s holistic. We find delight in rightly ordered relationships.”

Loyd-Paige will speak on racism and diversity in midst of shalom. Yuan will speak on human sexuality and shalom.

In addition, CU’s chapel program commissioned a student art contest to showcase photography, poetry, short films and visual art with the “Shalom” theme.

“The idea is to flesh out our worship through a few other art forms,” said Longjohn.

Each submission is to reflect the art of shalom. Winning entries will receive cash prizes and be featured in chapel.

Additionally, each Friday during the regular Praise Chapel, Chip Huber, dean of student engagement, will lead a Shalom Spotlight. He will lead a brief conversation that focuses on how members of the university are experiencing shalom.

“The fun thing is we have several speakers internally that are putting their unique flavor on shalom as well,” Longjohn said. These are people the students know and recognize speaking to them about God’s plan for peace.”

Just a few of CU’s speakers include John Hilber, a professor of Old Testament, who will be speaking on the Song of Solomon and shalom; Sergio da Silva, professor of psychology, speaking on the psychological aspects of living in shalom; Rick Ostrander, provost, speaking on church history and shalom; and Michael Pasqual, humanities division chair and linguist, explaining how we can use our words to speak peace.

“Of course, Dr. Stowell will be putting in a thread that holds all that together,” Longjohn said of the university president.

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