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Professor Bustrum Teaches in India

Dr. Phillip Bustrum, professor of Intercultural Studies at Cornerstone University, spent three weeks this summer in Chennai, India, teaching at the Hindustan Bible Institute.

Bustrum enjoys teaching overseas, but also uses his work to open doors to locations where CU students can make a difference.

“Cornerstone has wonderful opportunities for students to do study abroad,” said Bustrum, who would like to see opportunities for study abroad to continually expand into places with the greatest need of the gospel.

“That is my heart and passion,” he said. “I want to go to areas where it is more strategically viable to teach the gospel, places where people are in bondage because of the lack of understanding of Christ.”

While there, Bustrum taught graduate students in two courses, Missions and Diversity and Educational Research Methods, and gave a graduation address to 50 graduates of the school. He was also invited to speak at a multi-lingual pastor’s conference attended by more than 1,000 pastors from various parts of India.

Many of the pastors and students in Bustrum’s class there were the only believers in their families and came from strictly Hindu backgrounds.

“These people are highly committed to Christ,” he said. “I spoke with students who left their family and were ostracized, often kicked out with no support. And, yet, they had the willingness to follow Christ.”

He hopes to bring students back with him to experience the culture and commitment to Christ.

“My hope and dream would be that I could return with students so they can learn and grow in the same place,” Bustrum said. “It’s not only a great opportunity to learn about culture, religion and belief systems but also to experience what God is doing in another place.”

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