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SIFE Partners with Nonprofit HFAP

Cornerstone University Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) partnered with the Haiti Foundation Against Poverty (HFAP) to distribute journals made by Haitian women.

The journals provide an opportunity for the Haitian women to earn a living.

Through the Haiti Foundation’s program called Gift of Hope women and their children stay healthy and find jobs because they are learning valuable skills and earning money to feed their families.

Mallory Neptune, a 2008 graduate of Cornerstone University, who started the foundation after going to Haiti on a mission trip in high school, is hoping to provide help to the Haitians.

SIFE members heard her story and what she is doing to help Haitians affected by disease and poverty and wanted to help.

"The goal of the foundation is to empower Haitians to provide for themselves,” said Neptune. “One of the most tragic and common life stories women tell us is how they suffer each day watching their children starve because they are too poor to feed them."

SIFE members were challenged to help the journal program thrive .

"Our SIFE project has been a partner of HFAP since the beginning of the fall 2011 semester, aiming to help them create a donation program and to help them sell journals on a consistent basis here in the Grand Rapids area," said Teresa Malmquist, project coordinator.

SIFE has eight journals in Reformation Heritage Books and several copies in the CU Bookstore.

"Short-term, we hope to gain at least three more venues in the next couple weeks," Malmquist said. "It would be great to see the journals start to sell after all the work put into finding places where they can be housed."

The journals are being sold for $15 each. In the back of each journal is a picture and biography of the woman who made it.

SIFE members are actively looking for new organizations and businesses to sell the journals.

All money earned goes back to the Haitian women and HFAP's Gift of Hope program. For more information, please visit

In addition, SIFE members created marketing materials for the foundation and developed a system to categorize donors and forms for monthly giving.

Eight SIFE students spent 558 hours helping fight poverty in Haiti through their efforts.