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Enactus Partner Summit

Cornerstone University senior, Matt Hayes was one of only 30 students nationally to be invited to attend Enactus’ United States Partner Summit held each year at Kraft’s headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

Enactus is a business organization nationally recognized to help students with real world experience by participating in regional and national business plan competitions.

The summits are held to bring Enactus business partners together for networking and discussion, and were recently opened up to students. At the summits, the selected students receive the opportunity for real life experience interacting with business professionals.

Hays was entered into the competition by Shawn Newhouse, assistant professor of business who oversees the Cornerstone Enactus chapter.

In March, Hays spent two days with various business leaders discussing their companies and exchanged resumes and business cards. Businesses represented included: Wal-Mart, Walgreens and Unilever.

On the second day the students sat through a variety of presentations and a forum where they talked about hard skills versus soft skills in the work place.

“I think the best thing I walked away with was just having those connections now and really being able to develop those professional networking skills even more,” said Matt, a business senior and president of the CU Enactus chapter on campus.

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