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CU Remembers 9/11

Cornerstone University‘s lawn was covered with 2,996 American flags in remembrance of the day terrorists attacked the World Trade Center's Twin Towers, the Pentagon and United Airlines Flight 93, killing thousands of innocent Americans.

“The freshman this year would’ve been about 7 years old at the time and don’t have the memory of what a significant event it was in our history,” said Michael Couture, president of the student organization who put together the memorial. “We want to keep the memory alive of what happened that day.”

The veteran student group put 2,996 flags in the lawn between the Clock Tower and Miller Library in shapes depicting the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and spelled out UA 93. About 10 students spent five hours creating the flag shapes.

Throughout the day students, faculty and staff stopped and took pictures. Even community members stopped on campus to visit the site.

“It accomplished what we wanted it to,” said Couture, a junior at CU who served in Iraq with the Marine Corp. “People were looking at it and remembering the people who lost their lives on this day.”

Each flag represents a life taken on 9/11.

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