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Traffick Jam at CU

Dodgeball. Soccer. More than $1,000 raised for children in Cambodia.

On March 16, a sport-a-thon fundraiser, called Traffick Jam, was held at Cornerstone University to raise funds for two safe houses for children in Cambodia.

Kestrel Bailey and Tyler Esch, both CU seniors, headed up the event.

“Traffick Jam is a dodgeball and soccer tournament,” Esch said. “The reason why we held it was to support a safe house for sexually exploited kids in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.”

The event was part of a national fundraiser that is typically a walk-a-thon, but the CU Traffick Jam took it to the next level.

Two years ago CU held a Traffick Jam.

The funds raised go to two safe houses, one for boys and one for girls.

In addition to the sports, a group of CU students made notes and cards to send to the kids in the homes.

“I’m excited to see what their response will be,” Esch said, speaking of the people at the safe house.

Esch said the cards are something the kids can hold in their hand and know that people around the world are actually caring about them, and realize that they are significant.

During breaks stories were read about the lives of the children in Cambodia, to remind everyone of the goal - to come together and support the children.