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CU Offers Digital Media Degree with Kendall

Cornerstone University will be offering a new Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media beginning Fall 2013 in partnership with Kendall College of Art and Design. 

“This major is the best of our film, the best of our audio, the best of our photography and the best of Kendall’s graphic web design,” said Pete Muir, chair of the Media and Communications Department and associate professor of media at CU.

Unlike CU’s film and video production or audio production majors, which are highly specialized, this major will offer a little bit of everything.

Today’s workplace requires multiple skills more than ever before. As a response to a shifting work environment, Muir said this major creates “the one-stop shop media person” that can essentially do it all.

“This obviously is a growth area for employment opportunities as well as for cultural influence,” said Martin Hughes, dean of undergraduate education.

The new major contains five classes at Kendall, including introductory design, drawing prerequisites and web design classes featuring 2-D animation.

Students will still have the CU experience while adding an emergent experience at Kendall to complement their education.

“Together we can offer students an opportunity to pursue a high-quality education in the arts while also receiving a Christian faith perspective across the curriculum,” Hughes said.

Kendall partnered with CU offering the Graphic Design and Digital Media minors two years ago. The partnership was initiated by CU Provost Rick Ostrander, and a handful of students have taken advantage of the opportunity.

Cornerstone sophomore, Amy Etrheim, is currently pursuing a graphic design minor through the Kendall partnership.

“Kendall does an excellent job teaching art, because that’s what they’re all about,” Etrheim said of her own experience. 

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