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CU Provost, “Reconsidering College”

Rick Ostrander, provost and chief academic officer of Cornerstone University, drew from his past experience as a working adult student to write “Reconsidering College”, a book that targets the adult student in Christian higher education.

Published by Abilene Christian University Press, “Reconsidering College” addresses the adult student in the same way that the undergraduate student is addressed in Ostrander’s book, “Why College Matters to God,” used by Christian universities for first-year seminars.

“It is important for universities to have their academic leaders be engaged in what it means to be a writer and a scholar,” said Dr. Ostrander. “As an administrator, writing is an important part of what I do.”

CU’s Professional & Graduate Studies program use Ostrander’s book “Why College Matters to God” in its introductory seminar for classes.

However, Rob Simpson, associate provost of PGS, and Dr. Ostrander recognized a need for a book that addressed the Christian adult attending college.

There are many books on the market that target the undergraduate student, but there was not a book that targeted adult Christian higher education students.

Ostrander decided to draw from his own experience in higher education for the content.

“Frankly I was an adult student myself that had to combine work and raising a family and trying to pay the bills and go to school at the same time,” he said. “I felt like I could relate.”

The book takes difficult and complicated concepts from scholars and packages them in a way that makes sense to normal people. He uses pictures and analogies to explain the concepts within the text.

“Christian education adds additional value to what you are getting as a college student,” Ostrander said.

The book helps readers understand the value of their work in the Christian life, the value of education to their work, and what makes education Christian.

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