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Cornerstone University Trip to Zambia

A team of 19 CU students and staff met children and families impacted by the devastating disease in Zambia – malaria brought hope and healing to natives of the country and partnered in ministry projects with church leaders.

The group of CU students passed out 6,000 bed nets to families in Zambia while there. The nets are the only form of prevention from Malaria. For the past several years, CU athletic teams have held “Night of Nets,” a fundraiser at sporting events, to purchase the bed nets.

Last year, in addition to Cornerstone University, other schools including Calvin College, Hope College and Holland Christian High School participated in the fundraiser allowing the team to purchase more nets.

“It’s always a highlight to bring my CU students to this place…and see how change can come and hope can overcome after wondering if we will and can ever do anything to address the massive issues we’ve seen right in front of us,” said Huber who led his seventh trip in May. “How God longs to use students to do more than they could ever dream or imagine to make this world look more like God’s Kingdom because of His power and love at work in them so deep. It’s a place where dreams are born --God sized-dreams we’ve been challenged to consider.”

Huber calls the Kakolo Village of Zambia his favorite place in the world. Seven years ago he led a high school team from the Chicago area to raise funds to build a school in Kakolo. He wrote the entire story in “The Zambia Project: The Story of Two Worlds Flipped Upside-Down.”

Since then, he has gone back to visit, encourage, minister and bring bed nets each year.

The Zambia team was able to see first-hand the great need and remarkable opportunity for spiritual and physical transformation where malaria is a severe public health problem.

Each year, more than 600,000 people in the African Region die due to malaria transmission, making it the leading cause of death and disease in developing countries.

CU partnered with Jubilee Ministries and World Vision to distribute the bed nets.

Some of the team participated in a large soccer tournament where they played against teams from the community and allowed CU players to share their faith stories with the players and fans.

Through the course of the trip, team members had the opportunity to hear personal testimonies of the impact that diseases have on the people of Sub-Saharan Africa due to lack of resources.

“Night of Nets” will be held Oct. 1 , 2014 at CU to raise more funds to save lives. To learn more about how to be a part of the event or to attend, visit