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CU Counts Down to Welcome Day

Cornerstone University's staff and faculty are ready to welcome hundreds of new students Thursday, Aug. 28. The freshman will begin a weekend full of activities that will introduce them to CU culture and integrate them into the CU community.

“We love the opportunity to welcome new friends and members of our community,” said Chip Huber, dean of student development. “Our student leaders are committed to showing great CU hospitality and helping them make a really important transition in their lives.”

After settling in to their new living quarters and meeting representatives of the Miller Library, the Learning Center, the Well, Alumni and Advancement in the Corum Student Union, they will say goodbye to their parents.

After helping their student move in and eating lunch together, parents will attend “Your Student’s Transition to College” seminar before the Dedication Service and Parent Farewell in the Hansen Athletic Center. Then, students begin five days of Terra Firma, the CU first year experience.

The first five days on campus new students will be grouped with their Terra Firma class and will participate in worship, orientation activities, games, workshops and informational seminars together. Throughout the first few days students will attend several sessions to prepare them for their transition into college.

A Church Fair is part of the weekend activities to help students find a home church during their time at CU. Students are encouraged to explore churches throughout the Grand Rapids area and are provide with rides.

Students will also prepare for their academic year, receiving their laptop, textbooks, and finalizing their class schedule.

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