Undergraduate Alumni Stories

Jon & Katie Ruse (B.A. '01)

jon and katie ruse

Why CU?

My family attended CU and I enjoyed many visits to the school. I stayed in the dorm with my older brother and played pick-up basketball. I was drawn to the atmosphere I had experienced and desired a good Bible education. 

How was Your Life Transformed?

I think I grew most spiritually through the friendships I formed with other students and staff while attending CU. This helped me discern my call into ministry and mature as a believer. 

Influential Contributions:

It's hard to pick. I had a couple teachers I looked up to as well as staff in the food service department that really cared and invested in my life! 

How Have Your Experiences Prepared you?

I am so thankful for the quality Bible education I received. There was a strong emphasis on the authority and reliability of scripture, which are foundational to a strong faith/doctrine/life/ministry. 

What Your Want Others to Know:

I served as an associate pastor (student ministries) for seven years at Rothbury Community Church. My wife and I were then called to missions and moved to Missouri where we had a year long training with New Tribes Mission. This was definitely a challenging time of faith with three small children (at the time). We spent a year and a half raising support; we've now been serving in Paupa New Guinea for 14 months. In Paupa New Guinea, we are dorm parents of mission kids and teachers. Our passion is for discipling young people to live out their faith in Jesus Christ and to reach the unreached with the gospel. We are so humbled that God has called us to this important task. Each day seems like another leap of faith right now. We would appreciate your prayers and encouragement!

What Would You Share:

CU is a great place. My wife and I recently visited and are impressed with the God-centered focus and the direction in which the institution is headed. 


I enjoyed many of the intramural sports (basketball, street hockey & volleyball). I also enjoyed being part of the Chancel choir where I met my beautiful wife!