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Cornerstone Enactus students to host free social media seminars

Any one can post a tweet. But, without strategic timing and content, it is not as effective.

Many non-profit organizations learn this the hard way. But, members of Cornerstone University’s Enactus, an international business organization, are passionate about educating non-profit organizations to overcome these hurdles and use social media effectively through free workshops.

The Cornerstone chapter of Enactus, comprised of more than 30 students, will offer three different social media workshops to non-profit organizations in West Michigan.

“These students want to improve the ability to compete on a crowded non-profit market place,” said Rachel Hammond, an assistant professor of business at CU and Enactus advisor. “Even if organizations know what social media is, they may not know the strategy behind it.”

Three years ago the Enactus chapter began holding the workshops and have experienced great success.

The free social media series will feature three installments, a Beginner Workshop, Intermediate Workshop and Advanced Seminar.

The Beginner’s Workshop on Nov. 14 will teach non-profit organizations the basic tools of social media, featuring a live walk-through on real sites. In the first session, non-profits will learn the definition and common uses of social media, specifically revolving around Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

On Nov. 21, the Intermediate Workshop will demonstrate the tools of connectivity and automation, specifically focusing on social media dashboards. 

The Advanced Seminar, Dec. 3, will focus on advanced tools for social media strategy, including SEO and SMO tactics.

To sign up for the free social media seminars, visit: