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S.I.F.E. Changes Name, Goals Remain the Same

A business organization that Cornerstone students are active in, Students In Free Enterprise, was recently renamed Enactus, Entrepreneurs in Action.

Enactus, a worldwide organization established 40 years ago, has chapters at colleges in 80 different countries. Through Enactus students have the opportunity to make a difference by using entrepreneurial action to help shape a more sustainable world.

“We do the exact same thing, nothing has changed in what we do, it’s just the name has changed,” said Matt Hayes, a senior at Cornerstone and president of the CU chapter of Enactus. “It’s kind of the biggest thing we’re trying to do, is figure out how do we deal with this name change, but let people know that we’re still the same people, we do the same thing.”

The first four letters stand for Entrepreneurs in Action, while the last two letters refer to the students that are involved. The organization decided on a name change because the acronym S.I.F.E did not explain the organization well enough.

Hayes, who has been involved with Enactus since his sophomore year, joined the organization because he wanted to attain more business experience. He became vice president of Enactus his junior year.

Many of the students that get involved with Enactus are business majors, but it is open to all students. The chapter meets weekly on Thursday’s at 2:30 p.m. in Bolthouse 132. Students can take Enactus as a class for credit, but it is not required.

Recent events include a Resume Revamp on Nov. 28 and a Social Media 101 series.

For more information about upcoming Enactus events or how you can join the CU chapter, visit