Seminary News

ArtPrize 2011 Winner Housed at CU

ArtPrize 2011 winning entry, Crucifixion, by artist Mia Tavonatti, was installed at Cornerstone University’s Wood Seminary Building just prior to the start of ArtPrize 2012.

The 9x13 foot, 425 lb. stained glass mosaic, was transported from Santa Ana., Calif., last year to be entered in the international competition. The unique competition allows the public to vote on thousands of art pieces displayed throughout the city at numerous venues.

About $560,000 in prizes are awarded to the top 10. Prizes are funded by the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.

The Crucifixion, that began as an altarpiece for a new Roman Catholic Church in Orange County, Calif., is available for public viewing.

Tavonatti, who is not allowed to have a piece entered in this year’s contest due to an ArtPrize rule, will visit the area during the second week of ArtPrize.

She is scheduled to give her input on the 2012 ArtPrize top 10 picks on Wood TV 8, Oct. 1.

This year the public art competition will include 1,517 art pieces from 46 countries and 41 states.

More than 400,000 viewers are expected to participate in the three week-long event.

For more information about visiting Cornerstone University, visit or call 1.866.949.5300. The Wood Seminary Building is located at 3000 Leonard Street in Grand Rapids.