Undergraduate Alumni Stories

Lauren Root (B.Mus. '11)

Lauren Root Alumni Story

Why CU?
It all began when my sister received a CU brochure in the mail... I picked it up, and for "the strangest reason" could not put it down! I was only 15 at the time, but I had a strong impulse that I should apply to attend CU. I was especially interested in the unique music degrees they offered and their strong focus on Christ.

Your Story
Has it really only been five years?! Really?! I know "five years" seems like a blip in the span of a life-time... But, woah! When those short years are surrendered to the Lord, He will make them full! He will lavish and lace them with satisfaction.

From the moment I bounced onto the scene at CU, I knew the Lord was already at work in the uttermost places within me. I was jolted with a plethora of "new" sin issues, clouding my view of... everything. So, I basically spent that year hidden away in a place of repentance. A somewhat "scary" place to be, but the most crucial place to begin any journey with the Lord. As the Lord healed me, He began to open my eyes to His call over my life. Right away, I knew that the Lord desired a much more consistent, faithful approach to seeking Him and reading His Word. Praising and praying... listening with expectation. Realizing how much I need His mercy over me, daily. OK, let me stop right here to tell you that this was NOT the "exciting start" I had dreamed-of when I came to CU... but it was everything that I needed to set me up for a lifetime of "exciting" on the other end! My time at CU ended up being some of the most nurturing, growth-sparking, joyful years of my life- gaining friendships and disciplers rooted in the deep love of Jesus… there’s the short of it!

And, here I am in Seoul, South Korea! Not even two months out of college, He brings me to Asia to teach beautiful children English. He's equipped with a sister (Rebekah McNay) to share life and encourage one-another. On top of that, He provided us with a home church (Onnuri English Ministry) to supply community, edification, and incredible opportunities to serve. Sure, there is also a good amount of wonder and thrill about this "adventure" right now, but NOTHING compares to the excitement of drawing nearer to Jesus! I do not care if that sounds "cheesy," it is the ONLY thing that satisfies! The ONLY thing that will remain constant! His call over my life is to first, seek Him and His KINGDOM! All of the rest will fall into place... in stunning ways, too.

I wish you could truly get a glimpse into my heart as an eighteen-year-old, scared and prideful girl... to rejoice with me in how quickly and beautifully the Lord has shaped my heart to yearn for Him in "five short years." By the pure grace of God, Psalm 84 has never been so realized. Beautiful sights, money, status, even family and loved ones will fade... but blessed is the one who trusts/hopes in God. Wherever He plants my feet, wherever He plants your feet, may His love be found as a place of complete satisfaction.

• Guiding light mission volunteer team leader • Tour Guide for Admissions Office • Crossroads Bible Church Worship Team • C.U. Worship Team • Kosovo Mission Trip (2009, 2010, 2011) • Participation in five Musicals • Sherpa (CU leadership Journey mentor) • Tutor

Fast Facts
Favorite Place
I loved the Corum in all of its social bustle... I loved "getting away" to a practice room late at night... I loved walking around or napping on the grass on a pretty day... I loved the way the clock tower looks at night... pick one! :)
Last Visit
January 2012
My heaps of CU t-shirts (thank you LJ!) And... haha... uh... my KTG awards and my crown!
Favorite Professor
Van Dessel, Walters, Westerholm, Burghart
Favorite Memory
The musicals I participated in (particularly Little Women,) Chapel, Guiding Light Mission, Kosovo, and being a sherpa! Can I have five? :)
Favorite Food
The homemade BREAD!