Undergraduate Alumni Stories

Kris & Emily (Faletti) Rolls (B.S. '12; B.S. '10)

kris and emily rolls

Their Story

Emily: It has been an exciting past two years since I graduated. I feel like I have hit most of life’s “milestones” in such a short period of time! Over the past two years, I graduated from college, got married, and took my first full time job! The Lord has graciously taught me how to have faith and trust him during life’s transitions.

I am now wrapping up my second year of working at my alma mater, which has brought me so much joy. Part of the University's mission is to empower men and women to excel as influencers in our world for Christ. I have had the wonderful privilege to remain at Cornerstone and have been blessed to give back to the university that has poured so much into me by encouraging me, discipling me, and preparing me to enter the workforce.

I met professors that challenged me academically, met staff who remain close friends to this day, built relationships that have refined me, and met my husband, whom I am blessed to walk through life with now.

I believe Cornerstone has truly helped me transition into my position and prepared me for my next steps in life as a student and also a staff member. In my position, I coordinated different events and strategized communication plans to help fundraise for the Cornerstone Student Fund. I gained valuable tools, equipping me for what is next.

I would want future students to know that college is what you make of it. There are endless opportunities in front of you, friends waiting to be made, professors willing to help, books to read, clubs to join, and staff excited to pour into your life. It's just a matter of trusting the Lord, taking a step forward and allowing each day to unfold, one at a time. 

Kris: I decided to attend Cornerstone on a God-ordained whim. I attended high school right across the street, so when the time came to make a college decision, Cornerstone seemed like a safe start. What I didn’t know was that deciding to attend Cornerstone would end up being the best decision I’ve made in my adult life (outside of getting married to my wife of course). The great Oswald Chambers once said, “A position isn’t truly yours, until you make it yours through suffering and study.” Through the course of my Biblical and Philosophical studies at CU, God used phenomenal faculty and staff to develop critical thinking and wisdom to engage God’s world, critical thinking and wisdom that has helped me form a unique and distinctly Christian “position” for life. I am so thankful for my time at Cornerstone, it truly prepared me as a man of God in every formative manner possible. I look forward to going out to embody the life-changing nature of my education in vocational ministry.

Both: Now, a new adventure is approaching! This will be another large transition for both of us. We have been presented with the opportunity to work as fulltime missionaries for the next two-and-a-half years in Israel with Paidia International Development. The initiative mission is to help strengthen the mission and witness of the indigenous church in Palestine to the Muslim community, by training Christian Arab youth and young adults to live out their faith to all people, especially the most disenfranchised and powerless. Emily will fill the Director of International Trips position, which will help strengthen the organization's volunteers, internship and mission trip program. Kris will be an assistant program director for Paidia’s “Living Branches” discipleship program. He will be using the theological and philosophical training he received at CU; in order to develop, create, and implement the “Living Branches” curriculum, to help strengthen the mission and witness of the Church in the Middle East.

They leave on June 17th for Beit Sahour, Palestine and embark on this next adventure, trusting the Lord to lead them and allow them to impact His Kingdom. To find out about their initiative, visit their website here

“We both have truly enjoyed our experiences here at Cornerstone and it has shaped both of us into the people we are today. Each alum can tell you a different story of their experience; however, we would like to think that most are linked together through the power of the gospel and how it has transformed us while we are here. Cornerstone is wonderful academic institution, but the Christ centered nature of the University has allowed us to grow in our relationship together and with Christ.