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Mark Muha (B.S. '10)

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Where has God led you and how did CU help?

I have been on quite a journey since I graduated from CU in 2010, and the Lord has led me through a lot of situations that have all helped me to grow in my faith. I feel as though I'm learning daily what it means to put the faith and theological education I gained at Cornerstone into action. I've spent the last two summers working on a commercial fishing boat in Alaska, and in many ways I feel that while this job wasn't included in the list of "possible job opportunities" for a Youth Ministry and Bible major, I am grateful for where God's taken me. I've come to appreciate the community I developed at CU because of the lack of it out in Alaska, but I also know that my faith is often strongest when I am not "comfortable," so I welcome the challenge. I also slowly pursuing an M.A. in Educational Ministries at GRTS. As I sit in the classes learning more about ministry and my calling, I am still being challenged but I find that my education at CU prepared me to sit in seminary classes and feel equipped.

What about your academic division did you find challenging, enjoyable, or interesting?

Coming from the BRM department, I spent many hours with the professors and fellow students outside of the classroom, and as I think back to my college years, it is that group of individuals who made my experience so wonderful. To this day, when I am back in GR, I swing into the professors offices to say hello and call my old classmates to drop by and say hello. Our community did not end when we walked across the stage to get our diplomas; in many ways, that was when it was just starting.

What would you want future students to know about your experience at CU?

Cornerstone University holds many different experiences for the many students who have studied there, but one thing I have come to understand as I think back to my time there and the students I interacted with, and that is that your CU experience will be what you make it. If I hadn't taken a vested interest in pursuing opportunities, establishing a good network with peers and professors alike, and seeking to make CU my home for 4 years, then I would have graduated and never looked back. But since I sought to root myself there for 4 years, I find myself still investing - working with the Terra Firma program, I did my grad school residency in the Spiritual Formation department, and maintaining networking with the faculty and staff. The wonderful thing about it is, I'm still being invested in personally in return too. As I serve now as the Resident Director of Quincer Hall, I enjoy having those personal interactions with students and sharing in their own college experiences.