PGS Alumni Stories

Mark Johnson (M.B.S. '08)

mark johnson

I chose CU because the opportunity to be in a cohort of other business professionals and discuss relevant problems was attractive. I graduated from Hope College in 2006 and then completed my MBA at Cornerstone. Cornerstone was more than just a school to get my MBA. It was life changing in the ways I was able to interact with other business professionals.

I think the experience of being in a cohort was very impactful as it afforded me a broader perspective. Most of us were coming from different industries and that helped us to have very meaningful discussions. At the end of the day we were all able to see how God was using business and our skills and abilities to impact His kingdom.

We had many outstanding and intelligent professors. Eric Hoogstra stood out to me as someone who could bring his real world experience into the classroom and make it relevant.

Getting my MBA at Cornerstone has prepared me to be a growing leader in the business world. To see business as missions in many ways and to stay in an industry that changes lives for the better. While perhaps Harvard or U of M would have looked better on a resume, I’m grateful for the opportunity to have studied at Cornerstone and I know it prepared me well. God is using me in my workplace as a leader and at my church as well.

I would like others to consider how Cornerstone might be a part of their education story. Specifically, I would ask them to pray and ask how God might be calling them to get an MBA and be a leader in their community.