PGS Alumni Stories

Danielle DeLuca (M.A. '09)

Your Story

How were you prepared through PGS?

CU prepared me for my current positions by encouraging me and guiding me through the most difficult phases of the MA TESOL program. Through the honesty and expertise of my professors, I learned valuable lessons which have helped me each and every day with my students. CU taught me that being an educator goes hand in hand with being a lifelong learner. It's simply impossible to separate the two. 

Advice for student?

My only advice would be to learn all you can from those around you. The CU professors and staff members have your goals and future on their hearts and minds. No one wants you to succeed more than them. Listen, learn, and give back -- that's my advice.

How did you receive the opportunity to speak at the TESOL conference? 

I have been blessed by the opportunity to work with Dr. Michael Pasquale over the last two years. We have been investigating how female intermediate-level Brazilian English language learner' identity is affected through learning English. I was able to present our preliminary findings at the 2008 TESOL Convention.