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Sherin Austin (B.A. '10)

sherin austin

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All of my life I had dreams--marriage, children, travel, a home, and to live a life of purpose that would glorify God. When my youngest child was in college, the Lord rekindled my dream to earn a college degree. With the encouragement of my husband, I joined Cornerstone University's Professional and Graduate Studies associates program in Kalamazoo in 2006. I thoroughly enjoyed the content of the courses and the interactions with fellow classmates and faculty members. Once I completed my associate's degree, there was no question that I wanted to move forward into the bachelor's program as well.

There are many things that I enjoyed about my college experience. I loved that every course was taught with a Christian worldview and that the majority of instructors opened their class sessions with prayer. The format of the classes encouraged group participation and the instructors were personable, caring and knowledgeable. I also enjoyed the accelerated format--finishing a course every five weeks gave me a sense of accomplishment. At first I was intimidated about giving presentations in front of my cohort on the last night of each course, but doing so built my self-confidence and enhanced my speaking ability. Working within a Professional Learning Team (PTL) developed wonderful working relationships, camaraderie, and friendships with my team members that continue to this day. The thought of graduating and closing the educational chapter on my life was bittersweet.

Many times friends and family asked me what I was going to do once I finished my Bachelor of Science in Management degree. Was I looking for a specific job? What was my ultimate goal? I really could not answer their questions except to say that I fully believed that God had something in mind for me that would use my education for His glory.

I completed the coursework for my bachelor's degree in July, 2010. In God's amazing plan, at the same time a decision was made by the university to create a full-time position for a site coordinator at the Kalamazoo campus. The position involved overseeing the campus, academic advising, and assisting with student services needs. I applied for the position and was both humbled and overjoyed to be offered the job. I joined the Cornerstone University team just two weeks after completing the coursework for my bachelor's degree. Today I am blessed to work with adult students who are pursuing their degrees just like I did. I also have the joy of working alongside colleagues who love and serve the Lord. The position is a perfect fit for me--a place where I am able to utilize my gifts and abilities and at the same time continue to learn and grow. My job at Cornerstone University is truly a dream come true!