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Devoted to Interpretation: GRTS Now Offers Master of Arts in Biblical Exegesis

News Jan. 27, 2020

Grand Rapids Theological Seminary now offers a Master of Arts in biblical exegesis. The program is designed for those who desire to deepen their knowledge of interpreting the Bible in its original context and individuals who wish to master its original language. The program will take two to three years to complete and features either an Old Testament, New Testament or combined track.

While the program is expedited and requires half the time of a typical Master of Divinity program to complete, New Testament professor Dr. Timothy Gombis says this time frame is not at the expense of academic rigor.

“The degree focuses specifically on biblical exegesis whereas other degree programs focus on ministry leadership or spiritual formation,” Gombis said. He also said the difference between this program and others is it offers “targeted training in biblical exegesis,” especially for those already involved in ministry.

In this program, students will learn the history and culture of the Ancient Near East and the Greco-Roman world. Students will become equipped to teach the Bible with a broader understanding of its context. The degree takes 46 to 47 credit hours to complete and includes courses such as Biblical Hermeneutics, Systematic Theology and either the Greek or Hebrew five-language course sequence.

GRTS is accepting applicants to this program for fall 2020. For admission requirements and to apply, visit the M.A. in biblical exegesis web page.

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