Intercultural Studies Lecture Series | Dr. Danjuma Gibson

When: 2019-10-23 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Where: Pirsig/DeBruyn Chapel, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary

The concept and dynamics of the racial imagination undermine human relatedness and induce cultural trauma. Cultural trauma, understood as a psychosocial and spiritual ailment, negatively influences how we understand and experience ourselves, others and community. The concepts of multiplicity and Pentecost suggest an interdisciplinary praxis to challenge the racial imaginary, reverse the effects of cultural trauma and promote healing, healthy spirituality and human flourishing.

On Oct. 23, Dr. Danjuma Gibson will give a free guest lecture at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. In addition to emotional and psychological trauma, Gibson's current research includes exploring the intersection of black religious experience and psychoanalytic discourse in a way that is accretive to how we understand personhood, identity formation and human flourishing.

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