Field Experience Requirements

Field Experiments

Field experience consists of 10 interviews plus 20 hours of work experience with an appropriate agency and related to the student’s area of interest.

You Must Provide

For each agency that you encounter, you are to interview someone. Complete the appropriate form for each interview. You are required to interview 10 different agencies. Interview hours do not count toward your 20 hours of work experience.

Journal about the Experience

Within your journal, based on your interview and/or work experience, discuss what challenged and encouraged you about the organization. Discuss what you would like to change if you were in charge. Discuss who would benefit the most from the organization. Discuss anything else that comes to mind.

Field Experience Guidelines

What is an appropriate site?

  • Social services/nonprofit (public welfare agencies, group homes, religiously affiliated organizations, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers)
  • Associations such as Muscular Dystrophy, Cystic Fibrosis
  • Criminal justice/corrections (jail/prisons)
  • Gerontology (hospitals, nursing/retirement homes, senior centers, hospice)
  • Child welfare (welfare agencies, head start, YMCA, foster care)
  • Developmental disabilities (residential homes, medical facilities, mental health, schools, rehabilitation)
  • Health care (hospitals, community centers, nursing homes, group homes, hospice)
  • Family services (food pantry, budget counseling, women’s shelter)

Will my current employment count?

Yes, up to 50% of your field experience hours may count if it is related to a human service organization.

Will my work at church count?

Yes, if it is related to community outreach (service projects, work and support for service men and women, vacation Bible school, food pantry, 12-step program). No if it is leading a Bible study, teaching Sunday School, leading worship, or leading a youth group.

When May I start counting hours?

The minute you start your first course in the ASHS program you may begin counting hours.

How many organizations must I contact?

You must interact with a minimum of 10 agencies.