Master of Arts in Christian Formation Program Course List

The Master of Arts in Christian Formation program requires the completion of 65 credit hours. The M.A. Christian Formation program includes a core of basic biblical and theological studies classes, ministry leadership courses and ministry specialization content.

Bible and Theology Core Classes

Totaling 32 credit hours, the Bible and theology of our M.A. Christian Formation program requires Bible courses (15 credit hours) and theology courses (17 credit hours). This includes these classes:

  • BBL-501: Biblical Hermeneutics
  • BBL-508: Biblical Theology
  • THE-501: Program Introduction Seminar
  • THE-540: Systematic Theology I
  • THE-640: Systematic Theology II
  • THE-641: Systematic Theology III
  • THE-673: Moral Issues in Christian Life and Ministry
  • THE-710: Prayer and Spirituality in the Early Church

Ministry Leadership Core Classes

Totaling 24 credit hours, the ministry leadership core of our M.A. Christian Formation program includes these courses:

  • MIN-500: Christian Spiritual Formation
  • MIN-510: Organizational Leadership
  • MIN-543: Christian Formation in the Church
  • MIN-545: Teaching and Learning for Christian Formation
  • MIN-560: Global Impact
  • MIN-685: Ministry Residency I
  • MIN-686: Ministry Residency II
  • MIN-711: Program Completion Seminar
  • MIN-781: Ministry Residency III
  • MIN-782: Ministry Residency IV

Ministry Specialization

Customize your degree program with specialized ministry classes. Each concentration requires nine credit hours.

  • Campus and Student Development Ministries
  • Formation and Soul Care Ministries
  • Intercultural Ministries
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Small Group and Discipleship Ministries
  • Student and Family Ministries