Relevant ministry leadership preparation.

Grand Rapids Theological Seminary ministry graduates excel as knowledgable, character-driven leaders in our world for Christ. As a result, they demonstrate lifelong commitments toward learning, serving and leading which set them apart in their respective ministry and vocational contexts.

Rigorous Academic Training

With an emphasis on developing basic competencies essential to the study of the Bible and related theological literature, our Master of Arts in Christian Formation curriculum and course work requirements are designed to enable you to:

  • Conduct basic biblical interpretation and application with reference to the English Bible texts.
  • State a basic understanding of the primary elements of Christian theology.
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge, values and practices essential to personal spiritual formation.
  • Demonstrate basic competency in cultural intelligence and cultural exegesis.
  • Demonstrate a distinctively Christian philosophy of spiritual formation that is informed by sound education theory and best practices.
  • Exhibit the knowledge and skills necessary for the effective communication of biblical truth.
  • Demonstrate proficiency to direct people, resources and programs necessary to the effective spiritual formation of individuals and communities.

Educational Effectiveness*

We take seriously our responsibility to deliver on the promise to provide excellence in graduate theological education. Expert faculty, flexible scheduling and the support of a diverse learning community help ensure you receive the academic preparation and practical experience you need to thrive in your career.

Readiness for Ministry

*This data was taken from the results of a variety of surveys and other evaluative instruments administered in recent years at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary.