Master of Arts in Counseling Program Course List

The Master of Arts in Counseling is designed to develop competency in foundational counseling theories and skills, the professional dispositions essential to the practice of counseling, the academic base for professional licensure in the State of Michigan (and various other states via individualized program design), along with basic skills in biblical and theological interpretation.

The Master of Arts in Counseling is a 69 semester hour degree program consisting of an 18-hour core in Bible and theology, a 42-hour core in counseling and a 9-hour counseling specialization (e.g., Addictions Counseling, Trauma Counseling, Multi-State Licensure or Interdisciplinary). Applicants for this degree should possess a minimum 2.5 cumulative undergraduate grade point average from an accredited baccalaureate institution.

Counseling Core Classes

The counseling core includes counseling philosophy and theory, techniques and skill development and participatory learning through a practicum and two internships.

Totaling 42 credit hours, the counseling core of our M.A. Counseling program includes these courses:

  • COU-500: Counseling Philosophy
  • COU-501: Counseling Theories
  • COU-502: Counseling Ethics and Issues
  • COU-510: Consulting
  • COU-525: Multicultural Counseling
  • COU-601: Testing Procedures
  • COU-610: Counseling Techniques
  • COU-611: Career Development
  • COU-612: Group Techniques
  • COU-662: Human Growth and Development
  • COU-700: Research Methodology
  • COU-782: Counseling Practicum
  • COU-784: Counseling Internship I
  • COU-785: Counseling Internship II

Bible and Theology Core Classes

Totaling 18 credit hours, the Bible and theology core of our M.A. Counseling program includes these courses:

  • BBL-501: Biblical Hermeneutics
  • BBL-508: Biblical Theology
  • BBL-Bible Elective
  • THE-550: Theology for Counseling I
  • THE-551: Theology for Counseling II
  • MIN-500: Christian Spiritual Formation