Master of Divinity Program Course List

The Mater of Divinity is a multi-disciplinary program that requires the completion of 94 credit hours. The M.Div. program includes a core of basic biblical and theological studies classes, ministry leadership courses, ministry specialization content, a four-semester ministry residency track and up to 11 electives in a topic of your choosing.

Bible and Theology Core Classes

Totaling 55 credit hours, the Bible and theology core of our M.Div. program requires language courses (12 credit hours), Bible courses (23 credit hours) and history and theology courses (20 credit hours). This includes these classes:

  • BBL-510: Greek I
  • BBL-511: Greek II
  • BBL-516: Hebrew I
  • BBL-517: Hebrew II
  • BBL-501: Biblical Hermeneutics
  • BBL-672: New Testament I (Introduction to Exegesis)
  • BBL-677: New Testament II (The Gospels)
  • BBL-678: New Testament III (The General Epistles)
  • BBL-640: Old Testament I (Hebrew Narrative)
  • BBL-641: Old Testament II (Pentateuch)
  • BBL-642: Old Testament III (Prophets and Writings)
  • BBL-506: The Ancient World of the Bible or BBL-601: Experiencing the Ancient World of the Bible
  • THE-501: Program Introduction Seminar
  • THE-540: Systematic Theology I
  • THE-640: Systematic Theology II
  • THE-641: Systematic Theology III
  • THE-673: Moral Issues in Christian Life and Ministry

Ministry Leadership Core Classes

Totaling 13 credit hours, the ministry leadership core of our M.Div. program includes these courses:

  • MIN-500: Christian Spiritual Formation
  • MIN-510: Organizational Leadership
  • MIN-560: Global Impact
  • MIN-711: Program Completion Seminar
  • MIN-543: Christian Formation in the Church or MIN-545: Teaching and Learning for Christian Formation

Ministry Specialization

Customize your degree program with specialized ministry classes. Each concentration requires 15 to 17 credit hours.