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Fall Booklist

Most books are available for purchase in the Hoch Bookroom on the second floor of the Wood Seminary Building.

Fall 2015 Courses


BBL 501
BBL 502
BBL 510
BBL 516
BBL 559
BBL 600
BBL 640
BBL 642
BBL 672
BBL 678
Biblical Hermeneutics
Old Testament Biblical Theology
Greek I
Hebrew I
Biblical Archaeology
OT I: Intro to Hebrew Exegesis
OT III: Exegesis in Prophets and Writings
NT I: Intro to Exegesis
NT III: The General Epistles


THE 501-01
THE 501-02
THE 515
THE 540
THE 550
THE 640
THE 641
THE 673
THE 710
Program Introduction Seminar
Program Introduction Seminar
Historical Theology I: The Early Church
Systematic Theology I
Theology for Counseling I
Systematic Theology II
Systematic Theology III
Moral Issues
Seminar: Barth


COU 500
COU 510-01
COU 510-02
COU 601
COU 610
COU 611
COU 700
COU 782
COU 784
COU 785
Counseling Philosophy
Testing Procedures
Counseling Techniques
Career Development
Research Methods
Internship I
Internship II


MIN 500
MIN 530
MIN 545
MIN 560
MIN 636
MIN 641
MIN 685
MIN 686
MIN 711
MIN 781
MIN 782
Christian Spiritual Formation
Pastoral Competencies
Teaching & Learning
Global Impact
Homiletics I
Theology of Youth Ministry
Ministry Residency I
Ministry Residency II
Program Completion
Ministry Residency III
Ministry Residency IV


BBL 501-25
BBL 502-25
BBL 503-25
BBL 503-35
BBL 507-25
BBL 555-25
THE 572-25
THE 640-35
COU 525-25
COU 643-25
COU 651-25
COU 662-25
MIN 500-25
MIN 510-25
MIN 543-25
MIN 643-25
Biblical Hermeneutics
Old Testament Biblical Theology
New Testament Biblical Theology
New Testament Biblical Theology (Online Cohort only)
New Testament Historical Backgrounds
Christian Worldview
Systematic Theology II (Online Cohort only)
Multicultural Counseling
Trauma Informed Advocacy & Crisis Intervention
Clinical Diagnosis Assessment of Addictions
Human Growth & Development
Christian Spiritual Formation
Organizational Leadership
Christian Formation in the Church
Educational Ministries for Adults

Urban Cohort

BBL 502-45
THE 641-45
Old Testament Biblical Theology
Systematic Theology III