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The Grand Rapids Theological Seminary Intercultural Studies Lecture Series explores a topic relevant to intercultural issues and examines it from a biblical, theological and psychological perspective. ISLS events are free and open to the public.

Spring Lecture: March 2019

There are countless effects of living in a society that have historically devalued and repressed people of color, one of which is the development of a racialized identity. Double-consciousness refers to the sensation of having one's cultural identity divided into parts, rendering it difficult to have a unified self. Considering the Black experience in the United States, one may rightly ask—can Jesus do anything about double-consciousness?

Our spring lecture will discuss the contours of Black double-consciousness and will consider how an orthodox theology of Jesus provides a possible answer to that question, an answer that positively impacts the theology and practice of Christian engagement in race relations by (1) addressing the angst of Black double-consciousness and (2) presenting double-consciousness as a means of grace toward Christlikeness for white majority populations.

About Keynote Speaker Kenneth Russell

Headshot of Kenneth RussellKenneth Russell was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Mich. He became a kingdom citizen while in high school and began serving in ministry shortly after. He pursued his undergraduate education in theology at Indiana Wesleyan University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries. Additionally, Kenneth pursued graduate studies at Asbury Theological Seminary, earning a Master of Divinity with a specialization in theological studies.

Kenneth works at Cornerstone University, serving as both the director of diversity and multicultural affairs and chair of the Diversity Committee. He is passionate about addressing social and racial injustices and is determined to utilize his knowledge, wisdom and abilities to aid in the promotion of positive societal change.

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