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The Grand Rapids Theological Seminary Intercultural Studies Lecture Series explores a topic relevant to intercultural issues and examines it from a biblical, theological and psychological perspective. ISLS events are free and open to the public.

"The Racial Imagination, Cultural Trauma and the Challenge of Multiplicity and Pentecost" | Oct. 23, 2019

This lecture will introduce participants to the concept and dynamics of the racial imagination and how it undermines human relatedness and induces cultural trauma. Cultural trauma, understood as a psychosocial and spiritual ailment, negatively influences how we understand and experience ourselves, others and community. The concepts of multiplicity and Pentecost suggest an interdisciplinary praxis to challenge the racial imaginary, reverse the effects of cultural trauma and promote healing, healthy spirituality and human flourishing.

Event Information

  • Date: Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2019
  • Speaker: Dr. Danjuma Gibson, Professor of Pastoral Care at Calvin Theological Seminary
  • Location: Pirsig/DeBruyn Chapel, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary
  • Time: 7-9 p.m.

About Keynote Speaker Danjuma Gibson

Dr. Danjuma Gibson is a professor of pastoral care at Calvin Theological Seminary (CTS). He is also in private practice as a psychotherapist in Grand Rapids, Mich. Prior to joining CTS, Dr. Gibson served as the senior pastor of a church in Chicago for over 16 years and was bi-vocational as a commercial banker during that time. His most recent book—"Frederick Douglass, A Psychobiography: Rethinking Subjectivity in the Western Experiment of Democracy" (2018)—is an investigation into the formation of Douglass' psychological and religious identity in the context of trauma and the American slavocracy. In addition to emotional and psychological trauma, Dr. Gibson's current research includes exploring the intersection of black religious experience and psychoanalytic discourse in a way that is accretive to how we understand personhood, identity formation and human flourishing. He has published several research articles in various academic journals that explore human experience and psychology, culture and religion.

Dr. Gibson earned his Bachelor of Arts from Morehouse College, Master of Business Administration from DePaul University, Master of Arts in Urban Ministry and Master of Christian Studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and Doctor of Philosophy from Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary. He received his clinical training from the Center for Religion and Psychotherapy of Chicago where he earned an Advanced Certificate in Psychotherapy and Religion. Dr. Gibson holds memberships in the American Academy of Religion, The Society for Pastoral Theology and the Society for the Study of Black Religion.

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