Guest Lecture by Dr. Michelle Loyd-Paige

Many of us experience, or know someone who experiences, daily messages that cause us to feel either excluded or included, engaged or discouraged and valued or overlooked. It is the little things that mean a lot, that often tip the scale in favor of a pleasant or unpleasant work environment.

Dr. Michelle Loyd-Paige presented an overview of concepts related to racial micro-aggression and micro-affirmations. Examples of micro-aggressions were presented and participants had the opportunity to explore ways to prevent or reduce micro-aggressions.

Audio Recording

Dr. Loyd-Paige's Intercultural Studies Lecture Series presentation was entitled "Little Things Mean A Lot: From Racial Micro-Inequities to Racial Micro-Aggressions." We apologize for any inconvenience, but the audio recording of this session is unavailable.

About the Speaker

Michelle R. Loyd-Paige, Ph.D., is the dean for multicultural affairs at Calvin College with an academic home within the department of sociology and social work. She completed her graduate work in sociology at Purdue University.

Dr. Loyd-Paige is an anti-racism and diversity awareness facilitator with over twenty-five years of higher education experience. Additionally, she is an ordained minister of the Gospel and is the founder of PreachSista! She makes her home in Muskegon Heights, Mich., and serves on the leadership council of her church.