Lecture by Jonathan and Jennifer Greer

The Bible is much more foreign than we often realize in that we are separated by time, language, geography, history and culture from the early hearers of the biblical message; equally foreign are present contexts in a very diverse global church.

This talk aims to find common ground between the "foreignness" of each context and to present a model of Bible study and theological perspective with exegetical and missiological implications with the aim of equipping the saints for humble and effective service in the Church universal.

Audio Recording

Jonathan and Jennifer Greer's Intercultural Studies Lecture Series presentation was entitled "The Foreign Bible in Foreign Contexts: The Cross-Cultural Nature of Bible Study and Practical Theology."

About the Speakers

Jonathan and Jennifer Greer have enjoyed studying and ministering together, along with their three children, in a variety of contexts in Africa, the Middle East and now Grand Rapids at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. Jonathan serves as associate professor of Old Testament and Jennifer as adjunct instructor of Bible.