Your work matters.

Many followers of Jesus struggle to see their work in this way—as a place of worship and mission for the kingdom of God. It's time to change that. It's time to rethink what you do every day and why it matters...for the kingdom.

About the Curriculum

Everyday Works is a four-part curriculum that seeks to help Christians rethink the meaning and purpose of their everyday work in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. It is the culmination of a two-year project by Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. We brought leading teachers and authors together to explore how "secular" work really is a means of worship, discipleship and mission.

The Everyday Works Curriculum is designed with small groups in mind and features inspiring intro videos, full-length presentations, video clips for group discussion, a study guide and a pile of "extras" to take your learning deeper.

Through generous donor support, the entire curriculum is available here at no cost. Just follow the instructions below to start the study.

Download Study Guide

Please Note: DVDs and printed study guides will be available for purchase on Sept. 1, 2017, in Grand Rapids Theological Seminary's Hoch Bookroom. Please send us an email or call 616.977.5465 to place your order.

How to Begin the Study

Here is how the study works. The material is broken down into four parts. Each part has five short videos with 1-2 discussion questions. The study guide provides additional discussion questions, summarizes key ideas from the presentations and provides space for taking notes.

This visual layout shows how the pieces and topics of the Everyday Works curriculum fit together. Each lightbulb represents a video clip in the study that you can watch individually or with a group. Make your way through each clip at your own pace, and use this layout to track your progress.

Start Part 1

This Everyday Works curriculum project would not have been possible without the contributions of numerous friends and partners. We offer a special thank you to the Kern Family Foundation for their generous partnership on this project.