Your work is sacred.

Most of us work day-in and day-out to pay the bills, keep the house in order and fulfill our daily obligations. For some, work is mundane and feels meaningless. For others, it brings joy and fulfillment. Some are paid with large salaries and benefits, while others do their work for no compensation at all. Still others are looking for work.

Wherever you are in this, work and faith can feel like separate worlds. Work is what you do all week; faith is what you do on Sundays or whenever you can find time to read, pray or serve. When we think this way, our lives can feel out of balance. Too much time goes to work and not enough to faith. Some can make adjustments to read, pray or serve more. Others cannot make these adjustments and feel guilty for not doing work that honors God, or they feel bitterness that God doesn't seem to care about them or what they have to offer.

  • What if the dichotomy we've created between work and faith doesn't exist?
  • What if God believes that your work, not just your Sunday worship, is sacred?

God created you with specific gifts and abilities that others need, and He wants you to use them. Your work may actually be the best way for you to show God's love and care for the world.

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Enjoy God's Good World

In this video, George Moss expresses a tension many people feel between their faith and their everyday work. This intro video sets up the theme "Work is Good," which you will explore in video clips 1-4.

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Reflect and Discuss

In Genesis, we read that God created the world, and it was good in His eyes. Did this change when Adam and Eve sinned and work became toil? The Apostle John wrote that "God so loved the world" that He sent His Son to save it, but He also said that we must "not love the world" (John 3:16; 1 John 2:15). This can be confusing. The word "worldly" has negative connotations, but we all know the joy of early pleasures like good food and a job well done.

Heavenly purpose and earthly pleasure go together. This is critical for seeing earthly things like work the way God sees them. God actually wants us to enjoy His good creation and to understand that even work is a gift from Him. He wants us to use His gifts for His glory and for the common good of everyone around us.

  • What is your "everyday work," including the paid and unpaid tasks you do day-in and day-out? Identify the two things that consume most of your time. Would you say you enjoy these things, or are they more of a necessity?

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